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Hosting planned performances and events 100 times a year
the best performing/music agency

STOMPMUSIC, which started as a label specializing in performance music,
has been loved and presented as music that comforts the heart beyond genre,
including classical, jazz, new age, movie music, world, and popular music.

The music business(sound & repertoire) that becomes the 'background music of one's life',
the performance business enjoyed by the audience at all times, and
artist management and cultural marketing promotion of leading domestic companies

Limitless music, boundless music
STOMPMUSIC always thinks and strives so that everyone can become one through music.

Background music to life


STOMPMUSIC strives to provide music that can be a comfortable resting place for the heart.
We hope that music by STOMPMUSIC will become the 'background music of your life'.

Knowing the power of music, we strive to make the music we want to share.
We try to introduce the music we want to hear.

We plan/produce albums, discover artists, and
distribute unknown foreign albums in Korea.

As such, STOMPMUSIC presents 'background music of one's life' that naturally permeates, even in times of change.

Smart classic


STOMPMUSIC always thinks from the audience's point of view. We think about making classical music easier for more people to enjoy.

'Classic Curator,' a performance that presents customized commentary suitable for the curation era, lecture concerts with commentary, such as the 'Happy Birthday Series,' commemorating the birth of classical composers and the Arts Concert, where you can enjoy art more interestingly and deeply through the combination of art and music. We have been working to make it easier for many to visit the venue.

Now, STOMPMUSIC proposes a new paradigm, ‘Smart Classic,’ in line with the trends of the times.
Maximize vision Maximize liveliness Maximize sound Online optimization

As a classical music concert suitable for the non face to face era, we are trying to present performance contents through more creative methods. 'Smart Classic' is a performance content to stimulate sight to enjoy music with a more diverse array of senses than simply hearing. By utilizing three-dimensional visual effects and devices such as 'media art', it can awaken the various senses of the audience to help them become more immersed in understanding and listening to music. We will always provide a highly satisfying performance to the audience with new types of on and offline performance that the public can immerse themselves in and enjoy.

Main businesses of

Music production and distribution
Produce albums by domestic/overseas artists
Music production and distribution
Advertising consulting and production for music
Movie music production
Performance planning and production
Performance production
Planning and production of visiting overseas artist performances
Artist management
Discover and manage artists
Artist video content production
Cultural marketing promotion
Planning and acting on corporate social contribution activities
Planning and acting on local cultural performances
Foreign cooperation performance business
Corporate sponsorship
Performance for corporate employees
Corporate VIP events
Corporate brand collaboration
Corporate brand collaboration
Creative multimedia business
Production of performance video contents
Cinema concert video editing and production
YouTube contents creation